Improve your cash flow in your business and in your personal life.

Sleep better, have more fun.

Your money numbers tell the story of your business and your personal life.  Unfortunately we are not taught much about working with money in school.  And many entrepreneurs are right-brained creative people, who glaze over at the thought of looking at a spreadsheet.  At My Money Experience we work with both the left and right brains to help you create the Money Story you want to tell.  




My Money Experience specializes in business design, business plans, and building a strong foundation around the "business of your business". We've spent over 30 years working with hundreds of companies to build strong foundations, with emphasis on their financials.  Businesses we work with typically need support with their cash flow, acquiring capital, product distribution, personnel, systems, marketing, public relations, and accounting. We have spent years assembling and vetting resources so we can provide a one-stop shop that you can trust to provide the expertise you need at a great value. Your business tells your story. What is your money story?